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Rotten egg smell in only one sink

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  Icon_missing_medium john c.macdo... 0 Posts
I have a customer with an average size home on only one well who had a softener installed a few years ago. This unit contains Purolite fm resin and a heavy bed of garnet. His water has hardness iron and manganese and the unit is handling these minerals. Within the year, he has been encountering a rotten egg smell in the kitchen sink, cold water tap only. Other faucets, hot and cold in the home do not have any odour at all. The only variable different with this sink, is a three foot piece of plasic pipe which was added recently to the cold water line to the kkitchen sink. Could there be a reaction with this plastic pipe? The well was chlorinated with liquid chlorine and pucks. The smell still persists. There is no Cuno type of filter in this line which could contaminate.
Regards; Robert Young
  Icon_missing_medium tonyprior 0 Posts


Unless you can absolutely confirm that it is from the cold water as it comes out of the tap, I would be enclined to think that it is more likely to be crud and slime down in the drain P-Trap.



  Icon_missing_medium garyslusser 0 Posts
In some cases like this I've found odor in the cold water at the pressure tank. I use a short piece of garden hose on the tank's drain valve to spray water (forceably) into a 5 gal bucket as I hang my nose on the rim.

Was the shocking done to get rid of this odor or for some other reason? Did the odor stop for a period of time after shocking and if so how long? Was the softener resin bed and brine sanitized also?

  Icon_missing_medium Leon Stepanian 0 Posts
I don't understand what you mean by having added a three foot piece of plastic pipe. How. Where exactly.

Also, on the same line of thinking as Tony, maybe it's not the P-Trap but the air vent going to the roof may be cloged-up and this is forcing air beckwards through the kitchen P-Trap and hence you are getting odors.

  Icon_missing_medium robbyers 7 Posts
I think Tony and Leon are on the right track. be sure you don't have a leaking trap on even a poor or broken drain line in the wall.
Good luck,Rob
  Icon_missing_medium Gary Schreib... 0 Posts
I agree with Rob, Tony and Leon. If the odor is at only one faucet then the cause is likely at that sink. If it were coming from the well or the softener the odor should be at all soft water faucets. If from the well or pressure tank, it should also be at all hard water faucets. You haven't said specifically if the cold water at the kitchen sink is softened. There is also always the possibility that the plastic pipe addition to the faucet at the kitchen sink could be the culprit.
  Icon_missing_medium russ krischik 0 Posts
by the way robert young, whose john c. macdonald?...... and here's a possible solution:
before the water softener was installed you had stated that there is iron which is now taken care of by the water softener. you may have some iron bacteria in the water, that is releasing this rotten egg odor at this one specific cold water faucet.it happens. and it is not uncommon for this to happen. solution: try shock chlorinating this one cold water pipe for at least a 6 hour period. this means do not run any water in the home after it is shocked.and don't forget to flush the plumbing thoroughly, you don't need mrs. jones gulping a hit of heavily chlorinated water! there is a good possibility that you will get immediate relief, however, the odor may return.
typically on some of my softener installs i will install a big blue filter housing 10" size ok,after the water softener. and some times i will place an NCP-BB cartridge inside the housing, to take care of a very slight rotten egg odor that we typically encounter around here. this works but the NCP cartridge needs to be changed frequently,which typically means monthly. the important point of the big blue filter housing, I have an easy point to shock chlorinate all of the cold water pipes in the home in the future if the need arises. it isn't an expensive remedy for my customer, and i can make some additional income; reoccuring type for future filter cartridge sales.
it may work for you and again it may not. but what the hey.
on a less serious note you hockey fans,
what do you think of those "joisey" Devils! hey the Nets aren't any slackers either!
Go Joisey
  Icon_missing_medium chriskofer 0 Posts
To sort out the cold water line vs trap dilema, pour some in a cup and smell it (in another area, quickly). If that stinks, it's the water. I go along with disinfecting just that line for overnight or so. I have seen both this condition and this solution.


  Icon_missing_medium tomruda 0 Posts
It appears from your post that the plastic line replaced was not part of the drain but the actual cold water supply. If this is the case then this may be another area to look into. Is the rest of the water supply metalic pipe (copper or Galvanized)? If so the electrial bonding done on this pipe may interfere with bacteria reproduction much as KDF does. If this is the case, then by placing the plastic pipe in part of this line, the electrical ground residual is eliminated for that section and allows regrowth of the bacteria.
  Icon_missing_medium franktaylor 0 Posts

Try changing the facuet feed tubes if they are plastic. Not sure why but it worked for me before.
  Icon_missing_medium mark widdison 0 Posts
Try disifecting the line with bleech let sit many times this will take care of the isolated oder downstream.

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