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  Icon_missing_medium rexjohnson 0 Posts
I have to say that I am surprised at the lack of comment on the disaster in the Gulf. Millions of barrels of oil being dispersed. BP unable to contain this world changing event. Our government not stepping up to assert command and control. Every one pointing fingers at the other..................
It really stikes me as unusual that no one here has anything to say about this unprecedented event. I have no allegiance to BP. I have no animosity to them either.
However, it is very clear to this Florida resident, that the ultimate consequences will be monumental and grave. Life altering.
It's interesting that, not long ago, I responded to a post regarding oil in water as a hypothetical event. I responded, at that time, that we as a company had not had the misfortune to deal with such an event. And if so presented, we would not be equipped to deal with such an occurance.
Where is our collective sense on this matter? Why has no one commented on it?
If this issue is not directly related to water, drinking water, the purity of water, and yes, the sanctity of water, I really don't know what else would qualify.
I would very much appreciate any response regarding this issue. It is my feeling that we professionals should voice our collective concerns regarding this event.
Feel free to e mail me directly if you are uncomfortable writing your thoughts in this forum.
Rex Johnson
American Star Water Treatment
  Icon_missing_medium Allen Hurtado 9 Posts
I don't think it's lack of interest or an opinion on what should be done. More like it's just too far afield from our area of expertise and we individually feel pretty helpless to make an impact.
I doubt humans will be able to accomplish more than Nature will in healing the harm done.
  Icon_missing_medium Gary Schreib... 0 Posts
Because there is absolutely nothing we can do here about that situation. I would expect that anyone would expect us to be as appalled at the goings on in the Gulf as literally all good people are. It serves no useful purpose for us to discuss here. Talk about it here if you want to. I don't. It just makes me sick.
  Laurence%201998 Laurence DAl... 4 Posts
I am an avid SW radio monitor. I heard from Radio Havana Cuba that the contractor that ran the oil platform that exploded made $270 million as the beneficiary of the insurance against such a disaster. Cuba has a lot at stake. What is going to happen is the plume of oil is going to be carried to Florida then South to Cuba, Bahamas out into the Gulf Stream to Bermuda. I grew up in Bermuda. We always used to step into globs of oil tar we called it back in the 60s. That oil travels a long way.
  Laurence%201998 Laurence DAl... 4 Posts
02:00 UTC
Date: 06-01-2010
Frequency: 5970 kHz
Station: Radio Havana Cuba
Report on Gulf Oil leak:
Top kill has failed. Pipe still leaking 800,000 gallons of oil per day. Next attempt to contain the spill the "Lower Marine Riser Package"
  Icon_missing_medium mariannemetzger 0 Posts
I just heard about a story last week, where it was raining oil in Florida and it got me thinking about all the people who use rainwater as a source of drinking water. Does anyone know if many people utilize rainwater for drinking in Florida? Does anyone have recommendations for people who might be in this situation?
  Icon_missing_medium Gary Schreib... 0 Posts

Where does a "story" like that come from? Whoever heard of such a happening and if it is true why hasn't it been reported by the press? We have our own press here in Laurence. If anyone knew of that he would have and would have reported it here.
  Icon_missing_medium richardrizzo 0 Posts
I have yet to see any articles about the desal plants and nuclear plants along Florida coast and what effect the oil will have on them. I'll bet the desal plants will shut down.
  Laurence%201998 Laurence DAl... 4 Posts
In Bermuda the main source of fresh water is rainwater. Every house on the island has a rain catchment on the roof that collects rainwater and pipes it to a tank under the house. There is no treatment of their drinking water other than lime based white wash cement based paint on the limestone roof. It is conceivable that rainwater could get contaminated with oil from the Gulf. Other problems they have in Bermuda is soot from car exhausts raining on their roofs.
  Icon_missing_medium rexjohnson 0 Posts
Gentlemen - it's interesting that Gary Lindsey on April 30th commented on the possibility of damages to pre-filtration units for Desal units close to the Gulf.
At that point there was only one reply. His response was that there would be hell to pay. I can absolutely guarantee you that these Desal plants will have to scramble real fast or close in order to deal with this disaster. Or, in the alternative they could just ask BP what to do since they have the answers to this grave catastrophe.
I predict that this event will lead to the eventual end of BP as we know it. They will not have enough money to settle all the claims and lawsuits they will soon be facing. The damage will be done to all of us - some directly - some on a peripheral basis - but we will all be harmed by this event.
Rex Johnson
American Star Water
  Icon_missing_medium richardrizzo 0 Posts
I just completed a survey from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regarding my salt water fishing habits in Florida and how the oil would impact me. The first sign of oil in NE Florida and I'm done fishing. Who wants that goo all over your equipment and boat. That's a lot of people affected from rods, reels, bait, charters, fuel, etc.!
I think stockholders are aware and are dumping BP.
Look at BP's chart...going down!
  Laurence%201998 Laurence DAl... 4 Posts
Experts predict that oil tar balls will wash up on Bermuda beaches by September. Check out the following link:
  Icon_missing_medium Lisa W. 0 Posts
Tony Hayward goes in front of the Committee today - lets see what BP has to say for themselves!

An unbelievable tragedy unfolding before our eyes.
  Icon_missing_medium Leon Stepanian 0 Posts
What will happen to any desalination plants?

I put up a diagram of a tank that can be used to lower over the oil spill pipes located as indicated.

If they use a simple tank with one exit point on top, their efforts will surely fail because we are talking of about 70,000 PSI at this time. Also there is large percentage of gas so one opening on top will not cut it and we will be wasting time again and again.

  Icon_missing_medium Leon Stepanian 0 Posts
Seems the URL feature does not work so I put the link here.

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