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Water Tastes Chalky

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  Icon_missing_medium owenthorsen 0 Posts
We have three POU RO units in a business location. Two on the first floor and on one the 2nd floor. Identical machines and Ro assemblies prepped by the same tech and installed the same day.
The customer is telling us the water from the two units on the first floor tatses "chalky". Our service tech - 15 years on the job - went out there and tasted the water and agrees that it does taste chalky.
The machine on the 2nd floor is just fine. All three units have a product water TDS of 13-15 so the RO is working.
The only wild card we can come up with is that the location has very high water pressure.
Any ideas or should I just "chalk" this one up as a mystery?
  Icon_missing_medium Gary Schreib... 0 Posts
Get as complete an analysis done on the "Chalky tasting" water and then interpret it to see if there are any clues. The 3 units may be the same model etc, BUT something is going on with the 2 units on the second floor. Better to analyze than to guess.
  Icon_missing_medium rexjohnson 0 Posts
What's the water taste like before the RO's? Is it chalky too, or just normal tasting water? Is this well water or muni water?
How many stages does this equipment have?
What is the water pressure?
Have the holding tanks been blown down at least 2 or three times?
What is the TDS of the untreated water?
What is the compositon of the pre and post filter?
American Star Water Treatment
  Icon_missing_medium rogergarrett 0 Posts
You might try swapping one of the first floor units with the second floor unit and see if anyone notices the difference. If you don't tell anyone waht you are doing, you might find the same results.
  Icon_missing_medium robbyers 7 Posts
I would verify that the last filter on the way to the faucet is a carbon filter. I also think that the tank may need to be disinfected, I would not be surprised if the manufactures use products for storage/production that may taste chalky.

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